Newsdash is a marketplace for digital newspapers and newsletters. With our custom software and advertising solutions we help e-newspapers go truly mobile and cater to a wide digital audience. We provide our customers with a wide range of newspapers and newsletters to subscribe to in our marketplace and deliver a fully mobile friendly and optimized version of their favourite publication daily to their device.

Digitizing Indian Newspapers
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Truly digital

With Newsdash it is extremely easy to read, save and share news on your mobile device without the clutter of paper.

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Truly mobile

The Newsdash newspaper layout is truly optimized for mobile and tablets and provides the print newspaper reading experience on these devices in the most intuitive and efficient way.

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Truly effortless

Get all your favorite newspapers and newsletters delivered directly to your device daily and enjoy your news even if you are offline.

How it works:

Newsdash for newspapers

The newspaper's use our custom software and advertising solutions to convert their newspapers or newsletters into a mobile ready and optimized layout with in page video and static advertisements.

Digital News

The Marketplace

The resulting mobile optimized newspaper is available for users to subscribe to on the marketplace. The subscribed newspaper is then delivered daily to the user's device.

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Newsdash mobile app

The user can then read the newspaper from the Newsdash mobile app which also makes it really easy to archive and share any news with your friends.

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Newsdash for users

Newsdash is optimized for mobile and makes it easier to read your favoroite newspaper on your mobile devices

Newspaper of your choice delivered daily to your device

Easily save and share the news of your choice, directly from mobile

The same print newspaper reading experience, with all the benefits of a digital device

Newsdash for newspapers

We help newspapers to seamlessly go mobile and get increased digital readership and circulation

Increase in readership and revenue by enabling users to read your content on their mobile devices

In page static and video advertising solutions which are embedded into the newspaper

Push notifications to directly present critical content to the users device

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